Cyananthea hourdezi internal anatomy

Cyananthea hourdezi internal anatomy
Photographer: From Zelnio et al. (2009)

A, longitudinal section through distal column, showing mesogleal marginal sphincter (between arrows);

B, cross-section of the mesenteries at actinopharynx, showing mesenteries from first to fourth cycle (numbers indicate the cycles);

C, detail of the marginal sphincter muscles fibres embedded in the mesoglea;

D, cross-section thorough mesenteries below actinopharynx showing diffuse retractor muscles;

E, longitudinal section through distal column showing a cinclide;

F, cross-section through a tentacle showing longitudinal ectodermal muscles;

G; cross-section of the pedal disc showing basilar muscles (arrows).

Scale bars: A, 0.5 mm; B, 1 mm; C, 0.1 mm; D, 1 mm; E, 0.5 mm; F, 500 mm; G, 200 mm