Ophienigma spinilimbatum

Ophienigma spinilimbatum
Photographer: From Stöhr & Segonzac (2005)Rights holder: Stöhr & Segonzac (2005)

Ophiacantha longispina, holotype:

(A) dorsal aspect;

(B) radial shields and dorsal arm plates;

(C) dorsal disk spines;

(D) spines on mid-section of arm, lowest spine hook-shaped;

(E) ventral aspect, one interradius torn, juveniles emerging in two other interradii, indicated with arrows;

(F) emerging juvenile.

AS, adoral shield; DAP, dorsal armplate; LAP, lateral armplate; OP, oral papillae; OS, oral shield; RS, radial shields; TS, tentacle scale; VAP, ventral arm plate